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A modern, fast growing company with a long tradition of selling technical goods both on the Slovenian market and abroad. As a representative of the REM POWER brand (formerly Elektro Maschinen) we are successfully expanding our wholesale network.

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For dry sweeping, cleaning of interior spaces in single-brush or double-brush version.

Piston compressors or screw compressors with air dryer.

This is a NEW category within Rem Power product line which is constantly expanding.

From 42 cm to 56 cm wide gasoline lawn mowers with manual or electric ignition.

REM POWER generators will make your life easier! When you need a portable backup power system or a portable power system at your workplace, REM POWER has portable generators designed especially for you. Our programming range covers output power from 2000W to 9900W. To meet the most demanding customers, only the best materials are used to deliver best performance, such as moderate fuel consumption, low noise and most importantly, long working hours.

For cleaning garden furniture, terraces and balconies, yards, driveways other outdoor surfaces.

This group includes a handy vacuum cleaners and window cleaners. We offer reliable, powerful household appliances for various jobs. All of them are lightweight and easy to use thanks to their light weight and smart solutions.

With our log splitters you can quickly stock up for cold days. Our log splitters are easy to work with, quick, powerful and reliable. They are electrically and hydraulically operated, so you don't have to worry about gasoline and exhaust. This even allows you to work indoors. We also offer a version for the tractor with PTO connection. From 4 ton to 16 ton, electrically or PTO driven.

In the wide range of powerful REM POWER snow throwers, from the Home & Garden group to Pro & Industry, anyone can find a snow thrower according to ones needs - from the basic 5.5 hp model to the powerful 14 hp model for all types of surfaces. Always be ready for winter and effortlessly remove snow from trails, trails, parking lots…

These are suitable for dry and wet vacuuming. Ideal for domestic and industrial use… Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose between models for dry and wet suction, fine or hot dust suction, dry cleaning, with one, two or three motors and various accessories.

Here you will find flow pumps, hydrophones and submersible pumps. The REM POWER pumps are suitable for home, garden, agriculture and industry use. We offer pumps for clean and dirty water of different flows. The pumps have a compact design, are convenient and very reliable.

REM POWER welding machines deliver superior welding results with the highest quality and innovative technology. REM POWER inverter welding machines are portable, simple and reliable. It makes your welding safe and accurate. Light weight and suitable for home or professional use, such as repairs and maintenance.

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In our service pages, you can ask for technical assistance or advice on using a REM POWER device or machine, order service, and we can also help you with frequently asked questions and our answers.

For more information or to help solve problems or ambiguity call us or write to us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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